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Campbell Liquid Shave Cream 8 oz.


Price: US$3.75

Barber Check Pads Number 1 Series, 100/pad

Price: US$0.35

Sanek Neck Strips-720/box

This special offer is good for a limited time only, or while supplies last!

Price: US$8.74

FMS Plastic Shampoo Brush, BLACK (each)


Price: US$0.55

Barber Check Pads Number 4 Series, 100/pad

Price: US$0.35


La Lueur Lanolin Oil, 8 oz.
La Lueur Lanolin Oil, 8 oz.

Product Code:LA LUEUR


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Contains lanolin and no water or alchohol. Use as a hair dressing, hand lotion, or beard softener. For use with electric razor, aftershave lotion, outdoor protective oil, sun and wind burn lotion.